A full cultural calendar features Wopart Fair 2017 in its second edition. The Scientific Committee, which guarantees cultural quality of the event, is working for a long time to offer visitors, guests and gallery owners an intense program that in 2017 consisted of 4 specific guidelines:



day – hour event
Thu 19:30
The Art of Erasure. Erase for writing or erase for living. Conversation between Emilio Isgrò and Paolo Manazza, painter and journalist of Il Corriere Economia
Fri 12:15
Marco Scotini: The Artist Book, Collections and Collectors come together
Fri 14:00
Art meets visual impairment
Cultural mediation activity by SUPSI, visual culture laboratory, promoted by Canton Ticino Lions Club
Fri 15.30
Interview with Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo president of Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation
Fri 17:30
Interview with Joseph Kosuth
Sat 14:30
Works on Paper, from the Ancient Drawing to the Modern one, from Contemporary to Photography. Investing for passion: trends and evolution of an increasing market. (Moderator: Paolo Manazza, painter and journalist of Il Corriere Economia)
Sat 17:30
Interview with Paolo Canevari
Sun 12:15
Speech with Edoardo Boncinelli (Neuroscientist) about: “The Power of Paper” organized by the association Fare Arte nel Nostro Tempo
Sun 15:00
Camera – Italian Photography Centre of Torino: the making of a Photographs Collection. Walter Guadagnini engages with Massimo Prelz Oltramonti
Sun 16:00
Biennale dell’Immagine presentation: Bi10 – Tenth Biennale dell’Immagine


Divided Cities / Plural Cities

Sun 17:00
Speech with Lina Bertola (Philosopher) about “The Intelligence of the hands”
Sun 18:00
The role of the Art and the Artist in the Contemporary Society – With the participation of the Visarte Swiss vice president: Christian Jelk


Photographic exhibition. CAMERA, Italian Photography Centre of Torino presents “1930 – 1970: the avant-garde photography in Italy from Prelz Oltramonti’s collection”

The thousand kabuki faces.

Ukiyo-e prints by Museo delle Culture of Lugano.

Arte di Carta e d’Azione by Museo Pecci
Installation by Emilio Isgrò


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