CHIASSO, Switzerland: Alberto Giacometti: graphics on the border between art and thought, until January 10, 2021

CHIASSO, Switzerland: Alberto Giacometti: graphics on the border between art and thought, until January 10, 2021.

Alberto Giacometti, one of the most important artists of the twentieth century, is celebrated above all as a sculptor and painter. Yet it is also well-known that he drew everywhere and all the time. This activity, this “writing” through the sign (graphein) contributed to break up the system of representation into a continuous aesthetic and conceptual exploration. And in his lifetime he produced many graphic works, the expression of his profound artistic research, yet one that was less visible than sculpture and painting.

For this reason, the m.a.x. museo in Chiasso considers it important to give due value to its significance and exhibit the body of Giacometti’s graphic works: over 400 sheets and numerous artist’s books in which he investigated the various graphic techniques, from woodcut to engraving with the burin, etching and drypoint. 

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espositori 2016

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Sponsored exhibition: Omnia vanitas

Omnia vanitas

by Antonio Guccione

Curated by Angelo Crespi

A theory of skulls for an ambitious post-modern phrenology project, between citationism and divertissement: characters from history, art and fashion are eternally immortalized through their skull. Dead, yet so alive in their essence; the soul forever gone from the carved occipital bulb, yet still present and recognizable by their tics, their quirks and their human suit.

This is the sense of the exhibition-performance that Antonio Guccione has designed for Hammer Partners, on the occasion of WopArt 2019. Presenting the collection of Vanitas as a Spoon River anthology, the well-known photographer from Milan narrates in the form of an epitaph the myths of pop culture, such as Andy Warhol, Napoleon, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dior and Salvador Dalì.

During his long career Guccione focused on the icons of the star system, becoming fashion’s official portraitist, but this time he left the living ones turning his attention to the deceased ones: in the attempt -common to all of the great artists- to exorcise death, he coated or painted its most persistent symbol, the skull, playing like a contemporary Hamlet through being and not being, photographed It and managed to distill, without any post-production intervention, the extreme relic that characterize the various icons or, in other words, that something that will represent them forever.

Guccione seems to be pronouncing the words “memento mori” -remember you have to die- with the subtle irony and lightness of his, because even departure requires style.

Exhibition sponsored by Gruppo Hammer

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Courtesy of Clifford Chance – Arcus Pride Art Exhibition, Milan, 2019

Courtesy of Clifford Chance – Arcus Pride Art Exhibition, Milan, 2019

2019 is the first year Pride Art isbeingheld in Italy with an exhibition that show cases a group of talented Italian artists, exploring LGBT+ themes. The art exhibition consists of four works which inspire reflection on the value of diversityas an inherentelementof nature. For this exhibition we have collaborated with Tallulah Studio Art, founded by the pop-art consultant Patrizia Madau.

Donatella Izzo

Artwork title: Bloom
Artwork Description:The work is a reflection on sexuality in nature. Society has been accustomed to thinking that all living beings can be divided into males or females. This is generally true for vertebrates, but it is not always true for invertebrates or plants. The flore represents one of the most striking examples of how masculine and feminine can coexist in the same being.
Copyright as to appear in guide: 2019©Donatella Izzo
Biography: In a reality forcefully based on appearances and perfection, the artist’s pieces make us participate in a personal perception of identity which is now fragmented and deprived of the sense of belonging to the most ranscendental side of life. Her subjects accompanyusin a dimension of estrangement in which the very idea of imperfection loses its negative meaning to assume high ervaluessaturated with spiritual meanings.

Federica Angelino

Artwork title: Midtown
Artwork description: The artist presents her intimate and cultural research through the “Midtown” shot, a macro image of rigged eyes. The reflection shegives to everyone in their dailys phereis the interaction with the “other and diversity”. The focal relationships that are created with people known and unknown through the camera.
Copyright as to appear in guide:2019© Federica Angelino
Biography: Federica Angelinois a multidisciplinary artist working across photography, installations and painting. The artist investigates the origin of cultural diversity, analyzes the intimacy that exists between individuals in their diversity and portraits them creating emotional rifts of great scenic effect. In her last exhibitions Federica focused her attention on the relationship between intimacy and couple dynamics, creating site-specific artworks for the place.

Federico Unia

Artwork title: Food chain (Bestialseries)
Artwork description:The artist’spiece is characterized by a transfiguration of the human into a beast. The work is a reflection about the evolution of man compared and metamorphosed with the animal world. Federico Unia explores diversity in the animal world and its extraordinary ability to coexist in nature, simply in harmony with universal balance. According to the artist: «Nature teaches us how to live together without oppressing each other».
Copyright as to appear in guide: 2019 © Federico Unia
Biography: Federico Unia is a urban-Pop talent and his artistic identityis the result of a series of long experiences deriving from pop-art, reinterpretation of the concept of Nouveau Réalisme and the reintroduction of icons like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein. The artist’s works never end in themselve sbut are always used as an instrument to comunicate complaints and hints, hopes and torments, in a complex “game” of overlaps and contaminations.

Gian Piero Gasparini

Artwork title: Numbers 14 (Extra strong)
Artwork description:The artist presents the image of a butterfly as a symbol of soul’s transformation and rebirth. In particular, the subject of this work is a Monarch butterfly, a species wel lknown for its remarkable Flying resistance and hybridity, presentino two antithetical chromatism in the wings, one orange, referring to the feminine character, and the other blue, referring to the masculine one. Numbers that dot the subject everywhere, refere specially to the concept of individual and unique, or numerically present or absent, as in the case of all those exceptional events that occur in nature.
Copyright: 2019 ©Gian Piero Gasparini
Biography: The artistworks are based on the fragmentation of the canvas and the decomposition of the image for the creation of pieces like recomposed mosaics and his dialectic has always ranged from portraiture to symbolism. In the last exhibitions “Old Master Reloaded” (London) and “In Tempore Belli” (Pescara) he focused his attention on Renaissance iconography and he relationship between art and time. He currentlylives and works in Milan.


by Patrizia Madau

Technique, Sign, Light, Color, Substance, Full and Empty, are the protagonists of the artistic identities of six talented young artists.
On show areworks by: GianpieroGasparini, Federico Unia, Federica Angelino, Donatella Izzo, Mauro Vettore and Patrick Corrado.
What makes every work “Art” is the planning, the idea, the work, the stylistic experimentation, the result of a great expressive freedom and an intimate and personal research.
During an age where everything is a cliché and where we are always more frequently asked to renounce our identity, I AM wants to be the story of everyone and everyone’s way of seeing the world, through a mix of contemporary languages, a disrespectful visual impact, given from the desire to CREATE beyond the stylistic taboos: narrating, denouncing, raising awareness and exciting. Subjectivity emerges precisely from the pleasure of being oneself, through aesthetic sophistication and expressive elegance.
Six artists, six identities:

Gianpiero Gasparini

Gasparini’s ripped canvas inserts, mark a path, a verb/visual line, lacerations, patches of life and body, the report traces of a story through the deliberate exhibition, on pictorial derma, of filaments of canvas ripped as pulsating veins.
Hence the meaning of the title of the Profundum Nigrum series, a Caravaggio tribute that spans, through amber figures which,lucid, stand out on the deep black. A Masters of the past tribute, once the lesson has been learned, like Klimt, Mucha and Dürer. Giving form and substance to a supercontemporary expressionism.

Donatella Izzo

In his latest project No-Portraits, her great aesthetic skill and photographic medium mastery are evident. The artist’s attention is within all phases of the work, from pre-production to production and post-production. The shot only becomes the last piece of an artistic sequence, that includes interventions such as painting, collage and abrasion.
The focus of the project is shifted to new reading codes, that crumble the classical concept of portrait intended as a “copy” in favor of an “anti-portrait”, that is an introspective analysis of the depicted subject, almost always female, a universe from which Izzo drawsand to which she gives particular attention. Women suspended in aninviolable instant, almost non-interpretable, but still alive because aesthetically reshaped.

Federico Unia

Continuous human contradiction emerges in his works. The consideration on evolution, on the beastly aspects of our existence, the criticality of systems, which are vital for us and for all the living species of our delicate planet, the precariousness of human relationships as opposed to the unambiguous and independent search for success, worthy of every mean…
On the other hand, animals, which are often much more capable than us of living our home, actively or passively respecting their destiny in the food chain, capable of coexisting together within the same areas,where different species draw life, simply by following the natural rhythm dictated by our planet, now very weak and not because of them, stand out positively in respect of natural, bio-vital and social systems.The man in metamorphosis with the animal encloses all these aspects and stands out on the works of Federico Unia, who often uses the urban theme of Poster, as a common language in many of his works, to carry his subjects as a background texture.

Federica Angelino

What Photography reproduces infinitely, took place only once. It repeats mechanically, what won’t be repeated existentially. The young artist investigates suburban cultures through the mechanism of a machine, shooting not necessarily what no longer is, but certainly what it was. Archive to print the moment. The goal of his work is becoming part of a community, take the best visions and give them back to the public.

Mauro Vettore

In his installations, the artist is able to playfully fly over the rubbles of a capitalism that reached the spasmodic end of its course. He does so with a wise choice of materials (from resins to plastic), by setting fake ingots, exploded lamps and very famous brands. While Warhol celebrated the birth of Coca-Cola, Vettore sings about his death. The purely aesthetic result is, in some cases, amazing.

Patrick Corrado

The artist raises / re-elaborates from scratch, everything that is Pop: decomposes / deconstructs photographic images, signs, chromatisms and writings that first showed off their “glamor”, fashion, cinematographic, comics, music, superficiality, reinventing everything and then translating it into a visual language that “de-re-structures” every single image.

Download images

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